*If you close on your "new" home first, we will reduce the listing fee on your "old" home by 50% to 1.5%.

If you close on your "old" home first, we will apply 50% of the 3% listing fee toward closing costs on your "new" Home (up to 80% of the buyer/broker commission on your "new" home). Will be disclosed on final settlement statement.

SAVED $8,100!

SAVED $8,400!


SAVED $5,737!

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The Ehlen Team's clients have put $400,000 more in their pockets since 2015!

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If your "old" home sells for $300,000, you will have $4,500 more  in your pocket with The Ehlen Team's Buy & Sell Program!*

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If you sell your current home with The Ehlen Team, and buy a new one with

The Ehlen Team within 180 days, we will reduce our listing fee to 1.5%! 

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